Unrefined Bakery
A Delicious Rebrand

For over 10 years, Unrefined Bakery has been serving the DFW community with a healthier alternative to all the delicious baked treats we know and love. Their challenge? Expand their audience outside of the niche gluten-free and vegan markets to a more general audience.

To do this, we focused on what makes Unrefined Bakery great, making gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, vegan, taste like it’s not any of those things. Simply put, an unexpectedly delicious treat.
Showing only real food served in-store, we are able to give people a glimpse of just how good gluten-free alternatives can look. This, along with a very Unrefined tone of voice allows us to separate us from the rest of the vegan, gluten-free competitors and just focus on taste appeal loaded with personality.
A strong social media presence, along with digital, search, and strategic OOH placements have helped elevate the Unrefined brand, and give more people a taste of what they can expect when they walk into a store, and drive the overall taste appeal of the products beyond the gluten-free/vegan niche.
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