Rodrigo ain’t from around here. Rodrigo is Mexican. In fact, he’s so Mexican, that his great grandfather was a general in the Mexican Revolution. And, of course, he loves soccer. He was so damn good at futbol, he played goalie at the University of Texas at Austin. 

But despite his rich heritage, Rodrigo is obsessed with American pop culture. He can quote you pretty much any line from any great comedy filmed after 1996 from Happy Gilmore to Sausage Party. And his music playlist includes everything from Willie Nelson to Major Lazer. 

This odd juxtaposition of life experiences and cultural inputs makes Rodrigo a unique dude. Which makes him a unique fit for what he does. And what he does is make ads. 

Right out of college, Rodrigo started working as an art director for The Richards Group where he created award-winning work for clients like GameStop, FIAT, and Chick-Fil-A. In less than seven years, he made the jump to Richards/Lerma, to serve as Creative Director and Head of Art, working on brands like Metro by T-Mobile, Avocados From Mexico, and Barcel USA.

And now this goalie-great-grandson-of-a-general is the founder of Fortunato, an independent agency with a mission to elevate brands and help them become the best expression of themselves.

Yes. Weird thoughts are always in his head. And leadership is in his blood. In short, he’s groomed for this.

Other than that, he’s got a beautiful wife, two loving children, a small dog, and he drives a cool MG. Life is good.
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