TGI Fridays
Bartender Confessions

For over 50 years, Fridays has been the place for people of all stripes to live a little louder and celebrate life’s moments, big or small.

Fridays challenged us to develop a new campaign that shows Fridays through a fresh and disruptive lens, while giving the brand some continuity across their promotions and offers.

Enter the Bartender: No one knows people better than the bartender. He gets to see it all in a day, and then some.

A familiar face we know and trust, the bartender is there to serve guests at Fridays. And, to their surprise, always seems to have the answer to what they need, even if they didn’t know they needed it.
The campaign is built to entertain and to build complicity between the guests at Fridays and the Bartender. 

This helps establish continuity and build brand equity around a likable character that can be used across all brand communications, using storytelling to shine a light on what Fridays has to offer.
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