Improving canine nutrition one dog at a time

People dote and care for their canine companions, now more than ever. However, many don’t know what goes into their dogs’ food, and that deficient nutrition is the leading cause of health problems in dogs.

Ruff Greens seeks to improve dog nutrition to keep dogs happy and healthy. So they brought us on the help educate dog owners about the benefits of successful pet nutrition, and the effect it has on their furry friends.

We let the dogs do the talking.

Our campaign recruited dogs from every walk of life to be the ones to show us the heath benefits of Ruff Greens firsthand.
To tackle the seemingly daunting task of making food for your dog, we produced a series of videos that show how simple homemade recipes plus Ruff Greens can give your pup a whole, balanced diet.
The campaign was a resounding success, meeting our three-month sales goals in half the time, but most importantly, helping more dogs live a happy, healthy life.​​​​​​​
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