PGA of America
Recruitment Campaign

The PGA of America is one of the world’s largest sports organizations, thanks to the 30,000 golf professionals who work tirelessly to grow the game. However, many people with a passion for golf don’t know there are many career paths one can take to turn their passion into a profession.

We were challenged to help show how becoming a PGA Member can open the doors to career opportunities many didn’t know existed.

Share the love of the game.

We set out to showcase 3 PGA of America Golf Professionals at the top of their career paths, who share their love for the game, and do so in ways that are different from a typical golf professional, thus showing there are many ways to find fulfillment from a career in golf.
We put together a 6-day shoot spanning 3 states to follow each PGA of America Golf Professional in their daily routines, captured in amazing detail that provided us with an enormous amount of beautiful photography and footage to be used on social media, digital, and print applications.

Every frame intends to capture their love for the game, and the tireless work they put in to share that love with everyone they come in contact with.
Our social campaign was designed to serve as a virtual career fair, giving viewers a look into possible career paths, as well as hearing straight from PGA of America Golf Professionals.
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