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Brand Refresh

The PGA of America is one of the world’s largest sports organizations, composed of over 29,000 PGA Professionals who work daily to grow the game of golf.

We were tasked with helping refresh the PGA brand in a way that allows them to be better poised to be a more progressive, inclusive, and approachable brand as they take on the new landscape of the golfing world.

A Modern Classic: Our mission to grow the game also means we should play a part in evolving the game. As such, our design approach was designed to be a graphic evolution of the PGA brand.

Golf has always had a timeless quality to it. Our approach was to frame the PGA’s visual identity as minimal, elegant, and restrained, with a hint of modern design that sets them up for a digital future and the next generation of golfers.
Retaining the overall wordmark, the updated logo is a simplified version of the historically recognizable PGA seal. 

In collaboration with the PGA’s in-house brand creative team, the new logo is designed to be more open, functional, and versatile enough to navigate both the digital world as well as all of the physical applications a brand as large as the PGA of America requires.
The refreshed brand identity is designed to be simpler, brighter, and more approachable, a living extension of our “Modern Classic” approach.

The color palette is a streamlined evolution of the PGA’s existing color palette, with the addition of PGA Sport Blue in the place of PGA Gold, which will be reserved for specific Member-only communications. All colors are intended to work with one another, given the vast number of materials the PGA of America can produce every year.
Simple monoline iconography and textures help round out the visual language that communicates our love for the game.

The brand identity is designed to be flexible enough that every one of the PGA of America’s many partners are able to implement it easily while maintaining brand consistency.
Golf is one of the most visually rich sports in the world, and we place great importance on the PGA of America’s role to share it with the world. Our team helped develop a set of visual production guidelines that includes conceptual themes, style/tone, as well as look/technique to ensure the brand has a consistent and elevated look throughout all channels.

Lastly, we helped develop video animation/transitions that bridge the rich visuals of the golf course with our newly-minted visual language in a seamless way.

Through this new identity work and the launch of a new campaign, the PGA of America is poised to help shape the future of the sport as the golf landscape continues to evolve.

The new work equips the PGA of America with the visual tools to present a modern, digital-friendly brand to reach more golfers than ever before, to be a source of pride for current members, and help recruit and develop the golfers of the future.
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