Mach Point Aviation
Elevating Private Flight

Private air travel has been on the rise in the past years. With that, a lot of companies have emerged with similar offerings, the same looks, and the same promises.

Mach Point Aviation challenged us to develop a logo and brand identity that was luxurious and unique, with distinguishing elements that could help them rise above the sea of sameness in the private air travel industry.

Luxury in Simplicity.

We developed a brand icon inspired by tailwind speeds, and a typographical approach that married flight and movement with an understated luxury. The addition of purple projects  a unique color blend that no other private airline can claim as their own, born from Mach Point’s desire to stray from the pack.
The Mach Point website aims to provide people with a glimpse of what hey can expect from the Mach Point experience. Full site can be viewed here.

Gone are the days of over the top luxury design. Clean, simple presentations with a minimal approach allow our customers to enjoy air travel again free of noise, clutter, and complication.
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