FIAT - "Endless Fun" Campaign

Full-line brand campaign for FIAT, based on a series of animated GIFs we filmed, andimated, and created ourselves with the goal of promoting their Tumblr page. We later cut them into a series of TV spots and ran the GIFs under the "Endless Fun" tagline, which encompasses both the essence of animated GIFs and the full line of FIAT cars.

Agency: The Richards Group     AD: Rodrigo Maycotte     CW: Joey Googe                                       
Animation: Jayr Sotelo and Jarrod Simpson     Editorial: 3008 editingaudiovfx 
Directors: Rodrigo Maycotte & Joey Googe     Music: Diplo - "Biggie Bounce"
The Spots
FIAT Tumblr Account
GIFs on Twitter
The GIFs
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